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GMAT The Graduate Management Admission Test (GMAT) is an examination for mainly first degree holders into American Universities for Post Graduate Programmes in Management and Business Administration. We operate on a high level of result-oriented coaching that combines the best in classroom teaching with audio-visual aids and computer-aided learning. It is a computer-based adaptive examination. Our GMAT programmes are of utmost flexibility and are tailored to include executive programmes.

The New GRE Just like GMAT, Graduate Record Examination (GRE) is a computer adaptive qualifying examination for first-degree holders into American Universities. On 1st August 2011, the format and structure of the GRE were changed. But, not to worry, our professionals have you completely covered.

During our preparatory classes, students will have over 120 hours of lectures spread over 45 lessons. We equally combine a result-oriented class of teaching with highly effective and easy-to-grasp audio-visual aids.

Currently, we have a number of fresh graduates from the University of Lagos, Covenant University,  Babcock University and so on, running the programme. The training programme is for both working and non-working graduates.

Exams hold every month according to the individual preference

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