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SAT & SAT SUbject tests

This is America’s Premier Examination For University Admission and it is M.E.T’s specialty for which it has carved a niche for itself taken its expertise to levels beyond the conventional. It has reviewed the inadequacies and differences between the Nigerian Secondary Schools Curricula and those of the United States of America and developed basic training resources that have yielded posiive results.

Of particular note is the use of audio-visual equipment aid to learning. Our strategies ensure that we get the best performance from our students. One out of every 3 students that obtained a visa to study in the United States would have passed through our tutorial classes.

Our Famous 12 weeks training programme for SAT examinations are arranged to take place three months before the next SAT examination. The exam comes up six times in a year for international students. Clickhere to find out when the next SAT training class or exam comes up.

Subject Tests (* Formerly Called SAT II)

This is an optional exam for students wishing to attend Ivy League and other Top American Universities. They are to demonstrate additional competence in subjects related to their envisaged career. It is actually designed to measure students knowledge and skills in particular subject areas, as well as the ability to apply that knowledge.

You may ask “I am not planning to go the Ivy League schools, do I still need to write SAT II?” The answer is YES. The schools use SAT II directly or indirectly
(even if it is not part of their requirements for admission). Some of the areas many schools require SAT II for are:

  • To get a fuller picture of the students’ academic background, this will make it easy for the school to advise the students on the choice of courses. This will help in the better performance of the student.

  • To easily exempt the student from some freshman course requirement if the student performed better in the SAT II examination. This will also help the student in getting a good background for his/her educational performance and will also aid in more funds and scholarship opportunities.

Generally, Subject Tests fall into 5 general subjects areas

  • ENGLISH            –       Literature

  • MATHEMATICS –       Mathematics 1 ( Formerly mathematics IC) Mathematics II (formerly mathematics IIC)

  • SCIENCE            –       Biology, Chemistry, Physics

  • HISTORY           –     US History (formerly American History and social  studies, World History

  • LANGUAGES     –         French, Spanish, German, modern Hebrew, and so on

SAT II is meant for exceptionally brilliant students. The classes run for 3 months for proper grooming which leads to better performance in the examination.

Test date for 2021: March 13, 2021. May 8, 2021.

The date for October and December SAT exams are yet to be decided.

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