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admissions processing

At M.E.T Ltd, our worldwide network of associates and affiliates, as well as the existence of a well-staffed U.S.A office manned by one of our directors, has made it possible for us to assist more than 2,000 Nigerian students in enrolling in more than 300 schools in the United States of America and not less than 40% of these students have received scholarships.


The normal M.E.T enrollment season in America is FALL i.e. August of each year because there is limited enrolment for those wishing to go to school in January. For this category of students, decisions must be made not later than the 30th of June. The admission processing cannot accommodate parents and students who wish to wait for the outcome of the SAT Examination in October/November.


Spring admission also suffers from a reduced number of scholarship opportunities. So, parents should be aware of this. Additionally, the visa enrollment in the American Embassy is now more hostile and students who have not traveled out of the country before are at disadvantage. Our services are designed to enable you overcome these disadvantages.


High scores notwithstanding, students’ chances of getting admission into an American university as well as his or her chances of getting a visa might be destroyed due to poor knowledge and skills when it comes to application and admission processing. This is due to the fact that there are so many intricate processes involved in the processing of applications and admissions into American universities.


This state of affairs is further aggravated by the deadlines which are scrupulously adhered to by American universities as well as the various financial implications of application and admission processing.

Our team of counselors at M.E.T are head above the shoulders of their peers when it comes to this crucial part of the quest for American education, they are experts at giving good advice and counseling when it comes to the choice of universities as well as courses.


M.E.T’s team of experienced counselors guide you through the arcane and often unfamiliar terrain of the American university admission process.

Our high success rate can be attributed to our one on one relationship with the Admission Officers of the various universities we deal with. Over the years we have succeeded in developing a mutually benefiting relationship with many universities in the United States


The Counseling Department also give students the information they need to make good career decisions. At M.E.T, counseling is available for those with academic difficulties and others who desire test interpretation. M.E.T counselors give special bits of advice to students on the following related matters:

  • Test Requirements.

  • Choice of school

  • Admission Procedure/Admission processing.

  • Career choice

  • Academic Requirements/Selection criteria.

  • Annual Expenses.

  • Financial Aids/Scholarships.

  • Room and Board etc.


Our major goal is to advice students on how to make use of the available resources to get what they want. Career counseling begins with the student taking the SAT. This is so because the educational system and admission process into the higher institution of learning in the United States begin with the SAT.

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